DJ Time Slots

Dj's can pop in at any time and do a show.
Permanent times are listed here.
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All Times are MDT United States

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Leo Kirby 1 to 3pm.
50 Years and Rolling.
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The Freak & Chic Show 5 to 7 pm

The Coyote's 7 to 9 pm +
Radio Bingo Night with a Min $10 Prize.
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DJ Sparrow 4 To 7 pm.
The Saturday Sensation.
DJ Shari 7 to 9 pm +.
Shari's Mixed Bag Show.
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DJ Coyote 12 to 2 am.
Nocturnal Emisions Show.
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DJ Sparrow 3 To 7 pm.

DJ ClassicMagic 7 To 9 pm.
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DJ Beacon 12pm to 2pm.
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Richard Oliver 3 to 5pm.
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DJ Coyote 3 to 5 pm
Whatever Hump Day Show.
DJ Mike B. 5 to 7 pm+
The Best of Yesterday and Today.
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DJ Barbara 4 To 5 pm

DJ Sparrow 5 To 7 pm
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Please Consider Day Light Saving Times in your Area.
Time Difference to major World Cities.
Los Angeles No time difference.... Mexico City +2 hours
New York +3 hours.... São Paulo +4 hours.... London +8 hours
Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Rome +9 hours.... Mumbai +12:30 hours
Hong Kong +15 hours.... Tokyo +16 hours.... Brisbane +17 hours.

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