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DJ Shari

My first official show 25/8/2017 Enjoy Click Here 30/8 Click Here   26/9 Click Here   9/10 Click Here
17/10 Click Here   23/10 Click HereShari's Halloween Show 31/10 Click Here
3/11 Click Here   7/11 Click Here   14/11 Click Here 19/11 Click Here 16/3 Click Here24/4 Click Here

DJ Corvet

Retro top 40 count down Click Here  Retro top 40 2-3 Click Here  Retro top 40 7-4 Click Here
Special - 1980's Movie Music Hits Edition Of The Retro Top 40 Countdown - 2018-05-05 Click Here

DJ Classic Magic

Hi Music Lovers! Im Paul aka DJ ClassicMagic. Let me tell u a bit about myself and i wont bore you with all the gory details. I live in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. I'm a huge music lover and my main focus is the 1960's through the 1980's. I will tell you though that my heart lies mainly with the 70's. But i do love the other decades. I play generally Classic Pop, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal of the time, ill even throw in some disco for good measure! Maybe some other surprises but you'll have to tune in to find out what those are! See you all in the chatroom and KEEP ON ROCKIN!

A show I did Sat 12/8/2017 Enjoy Click Here 13/8 Show ClickHere 1/9 Show ClickHere   3/9 Show ClickHere   9/9 Show ClickHere
13/9 Show ClickHere   22/9 Show ClickHere   30/9 Show ClickHereA tribute show to Tom Petty 3/10/2017 Enjoy Click Here
5/10 ClickHere   9/10 ClickHere   29/10 ClickHere  11/11 ClickHere15/11 ClickHere  18/11 ClickHere
2018 21/1ClickHere   Special Show 24/6 ClickHere


I was a DJ in clubs and venues for about 15 years in my younger days. Now in the last 10 years I host and build web sites like this one.
I play 80’s 90’s and the naughty’s and love current day hits. Send me a request, would love to play it and will get if I haven’t got it. Hope you enjoy the site.
Ladies Night: Sat 19/8/2017 Click Here   21/10/2017 Click Here
Other Shows: 1/10/2017 Enjoy Click Here   19/10 Click Here  4th Feb2018 Click Here
Australian Hits Of The Seventy's  Click Here
11/3 Click Here  17/3Click Here  16/6/18 Click Here

DJ MikeB

A day in the life of a blind DJ Part 1 Click Here   Part 2 Click Here   Part 3 Click Here
Valentine Show 2018 click
Here  21/2 Click Here  28/2 Click Here  7/3 Click Here
14/3 Click Here 21/3 Click Here 28/3 Click Here 4/4 Click Here 11/4 Click Here
18/4 Click Here 25/4 Click Here  2/5 Click Here  6/6 Click Here 20/6 Click Here
27/6 Click Here  AT 40 Special Click Here  4/7/18 Click Here  1/8/18 Click Here
AT 40 Special 5/8 Click Here

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