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I was a DJ in clubs and venues for about 15 years in my younger days. Now in the last 10 years I host and build web sites like this one.
I play 80’s 90’s and the naughty’s and love current day hits. Send me a request, would love to play it and will get if I haven’t got it. Hope you enjoy the site.
Ladies Night: Sat 19/8/2017 Click Here   21/10/2017 Click Here
Other Shows: 1/10/2017 Enjoy Click Here   19/10 Click Here  4th Feb2018 Click Here
Australian Hits Of The Seventy's  Click Here
11/3 Click Here  17/3Click Here  16/6/18 Click Here

DJ Shari

My first official show 25/8/2017 Enjoy Click Here 30/8 Click Here   26/9 Click Here   9/10 Click Here
17/10 Click Here   23/10 Click HereShari's Halloween Show 31/10 Click Here
3/11 Click Here   7/11 Click Here   14/11 Click Here 19/11 Click Here 16/3 Click Here24/4 Click Here

DJ Corvet

Retro top 40 count down Click Here  Retro top 40 2-3 Click Here  Retro top 40 7-4 Click Here
Special - 1980's Movie Music Hits Edition Of The Retro Top 40 Countdown - 2018-05-05 Click Here

DJ Smexy

Top 50 One Hit Wonders Show Click Here

DJ Iceman

DJ Eagle

4/2 Click Here  9/2 Click Here 18/2 Click Here 9/3 Click Here 23/3 Click Here
Christmas Show 10/12/18 Click Here

DJ MikeB

A day in the life of a blind DJ Part 1 Click Here   Part 2 Click Here   Part 3 Click Here
Valentine Show 2018 click
Here  21/2 Click Here  28/2 Click Here  7/3 Click Here
14/3 Click Here 21/3 Click Here 28/3 Click Here 4/4 Click Here 11/4 Click Here
18/4 Click Here 25/4 Click Here  2/5 Click Here  6/6 Click Here 20/6 Click Here
27/6 Click Here  AT 40 Special Click Here  4/7/18 Click Here  1/8/18 Click Here
AT 40 Special 5/8 Click Here

DJ DarkAngel & Phoenix

DJ Phoenix tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, & The Big Bopper 3/2/19 Click Here

DJ Fort

24/02/19 Click Here

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